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automating moving files
(08-11-2019, 05:28 PM)megna22 Wrote: Hi every one have a question.. I watch Joe on you tube and to this point I have progressed with Linux pretty well I'm picking it up little by little I am 58 years old and am still trying to get away from windows although I still use it from time to time in a VM anyway I torrent a lot and I have a NAS and I use Qbittorrent well in windows when my downloads came in I would have them download straight onto a folder on my nas box well that being said it doesn't work that way in linux as I cannot seem to get Q BitTorrent to see my network filesystem IE My NAS witch is where I want the files to go. I've been working around this by transferring them my self witch takes hours to do what I was hoping for is a script that would monitor a given folder and transfer the files from that folder to a folder or share on my nas  Is such a script possible? or is there a program that does this task? I am open to any ideas that would help.

     Thanks  (note) I can run qbittorrent on my nas however it does not support RSS witch is a non starter)

Hello, I assume you have a network all setup because you mentioned a NAS server. I also assume you know how to manage and make adjustments to your network...
I also assume this is a windows network...???

As I don't remember NAS software to much but I do have a Ubuntu Server setup as a file server and my shared Music folder...

Not knowing what you have, I will offer a Text file that I put together so I can setup all my Linux computers to log into the servers Music folder automatically and mount it in my Music Folder in my /home/Music/ServerMusic on booting the system...

I made a GitHub account and posted my Text file there in place of posting a long Text file here...
Here is the link:
I hope this helps some... Sorry but you will have to use the terminal and use sudo to edit some files. The instruction are in plain english the best I can make them. Just follow the steps and modify the folder and address to work with your network setup.

It may not be what you want but it will get you started. Note that it is set as a read only folder as it belongs to ROOT. You will have to change that so you can download to your folder on the server...

Good luck!
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