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I want to thank (Mr.Collins) you for your XBT backup utility. It is a life saver. I know you have now, BU and have used it. But the XBT, has saved my life. I have been a follower and have enjoyed, your comments, advice and incredible jokes. I have been using Ubuntu, since I had a problem with virtual box 6.0 and could not use it my virtual machines for pen-testing This is where a back up , using XBT is a life changer.
Ubuntu 18.04 , video drivers for my Nvidia-card stopped working and kept looping or freezing at the Grub menu. I tried safe mode, shell to repair or purge drivers and re-install. However Kernel 5.2, does not work well with Nvidia. But XBT was a life safer. Thank you. Going back to Linux Mint, at least there, I have the opportunity to choose my Kernel, that will work with my particular Nvidia-Geo-force card.

Thank you and do use BU, going to use, once I re-install Linux Mint 19.1, on my other laptop. 

Thank you , thank , thank you.!!!!

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