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Application/Program Help
Hi all. Beginner Linux user that could use some general guidance. Distro: Linux mint 19.1

The short version of the problem is that I operate a small law office that's been in existence for the last 12 or so years before me. The problem is that they have thousands of files most of which are poorly stored/named and it is impossible to find anything.

What I need your help with:

- A beginner friendly document management system/Index with a GUI that can be used to organize and find files when needed. Because of the nature of the office, there are many similar documents e.g. agreements to sell cars. 

- I need an app/program to be able to search the content of documents to find specific phrases e.g. "in the event of a crash"

-I need something I can administer locally (as much as possible) and that's free (as far as possible)

-Gui needs to be easy to use. The people I work with are brilliant legal minds but they don't have the time to figure out a system. They need to be able to search and find their files. 

Why do I need your help:

- Its a lot of work to figure out how to use the software out there. I've seen alfresco, OpenKM and a program called Recoll (which only works sometimes) and a whole host of others that require technical skills that I just don't have the time to figure out.

Grateful for any suggestions/tips/ways to make it better/offers to build me software. Smile Smile Smile

Seriously, any suggestions are appreciated. The simpler and easier for the home user the better.

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