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BOW (A Helper For Arch) Is Now Ready For DL
(04-30-2019, 08:15 PM)Richard Wrote: Elias,

When I run and ask it to install an AUR manager and select Pacaur, it just sends me back to the "add or remove an AUR manager" screen.

There is a directory now in my home called "pacaur" in which there is a file called "pkgbuild" of 4.1 kb. But when I go to "Show installed AUR managers" it shows me an empty list.


in 2.0 go to
1: update options > 5: Add/Remove AUR Manager > 3: List Instaled AUR Managers
this will show you a list of installed helpers.

If pacaur is installed then Reset AURhlpr.txt and try it again.
1: update options > 5: Add/Remove AUR Manager >  4: Reset AURhlpr.txt
actually reset it anyway just to be safe. let me know if that fixes it.

also, when did you download 2.0 ? because I updated it today. I accidentally uploaded a broken one yesterday. but it has been fixed.
I am working on a bug that repeats list updates for every helper installed.  but this bug doesn't sound like that one. the repeater bug  still works, just lists updates 2 or 3 times.


I just saw your edit about list installed not working. try re-downloading 2.0. That bug has been fixed. Cool

My Bad

Also you can delete that pacaur folder. it does nothing.
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