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BOW (A Helper For Arch) Is Now Ready For DL
(04-01-2019, 09:18 PM)eliasw4u Wrote:
(04-01-2019, 01:30 PM)leon.p Wrote: You should not use 'yaourt' for AUR integration:
It is old, deprecated and abandoned . Modern alternatives are 'trizen' and 'yay'.

Besides that, this tool might be useful for people.

I am not yet familiar with 'trizen' or 'yay'. I will look into them. Thanks for that info.
I too am old, and deprecated.  Big Grin     so I will fee bad if/when I do switch. For now, as long as it is functional....
However, eventually I imagine that I will change it. but if/when that happens I will make the change as painless as possible.
I had the same reaction as leon.p. Now here is my question for you elias: how possible/difficult is it to left the user the option to use his favorit aurman instead of yaourt?

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