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BOW (A Helper For Arch) Is Now Ready For DL
(04-02-2019, 03:21 PM)Richard Wrote: I cannot get to run in my Arch virtual machine.

I have done the following:

I put the file: in the usr/local/bin directory and made it executable.
I opened sudoers and added my user name "richard ALL=(ALL) ALL" directly under "root  ALL=(ALL) ALL"
I changed the terminal to the directory:  "cd /usr/local/bin"
the "ls -l" command shows one file in there: in bright green. -rwxrwxrwx
I enter "sudo ./"
It asks for the root password
I enter that.
I get nothing but my terminal prompt again.

Am I missing something? Or should I re-install Arch?


When you put it in a directory which is in your '$PATH' (which '/usr/local/bin' should be), then you do not need to 'cd' into the directory and execute it with './'. Simply writing '' will be enough, especially since I think it will call 'sudo' itself. Judging by the screenshots, you will also need 'dialog', which is not installed by default in arch.

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