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BOW (A Helper For Arch) Is Now Ready For DL
(04-01-2019, 01:30 PM)leon.p Wrote: You should not use 'yaourt' for AUR integration:
It is old, deprecated and abandoned . Modern alternatives are 'trizen' and 'yay'.

Besides that, this tool might be useful for people.

I am not yet familiar with 'trizen' or 'yay'. I will look into them. Thanks for that info.
I too am old, and deprecated.  Big Grin   so I will fee bad if/when I do switch. For now, as long as it is functional....
However, eventually I imagine that I will change it. but if/when that happens I will make the change as painless as possible.

As for its usefulness, I tested BOW for over two months before releasing it. working out as many bugs as I could find. on 3 different computers of various ages. one Manjaro with xfce, one Arch with xfce, and another Arch but with KDE. also in a vm I tested it with Manjaro KDE, and Gnome. with Arch Cinnamon, xfce, KDE, I3-gaps, openbox, and LXDE. And I cannot find anymore bugs. perhaps some misspelling here and there, but nothing that is an issue as far as functionality.

It is possible to add swap-file to fstab multiple times. However in testing, this doesn't seem to have an affect. I am currently working on a code to grep fstab for swapfile and skip it if it is already there. Any concepts, ideas, and code are welcome. And as some of you already know, I always give credit where credit is due.


(04-01-2019, 12:13 PM)Richard Wrote: Eli,

You are just in time. I installed Arch as a virtual machine yesterday. It went well until I installed the Gnome desktop. The log-in screen is glacially slow. Also Guest Additions wants something it doesn't have in order to completely install.

Anyway, I am experimenting, and it appears that BOW may be a useful tool for my experiments.


I have noticed that depending on what the computers OS is. Sometimes in a VM if you use Linux-lts as the kernel it can cause issues with Guest Editions. So when running in a vm I always use the standard Linux kernel.

I hope Bow is useful for you. thanks for your reply.

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