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[semi-solved] Weird issues with home network... [caused by provider]
(10-31-2018, 09:34 PM)leon.p Wrote: Pinging localhost works.
Pinging the router also works.
Pinging some DNS servers also works (
Pinging a domain has 100% package loss.

When I manually get the IP adress of a domain using 'dig' and ping it, it works.

What I found out: When I do 'ping', it resolves into an IP-6 address while using 'dig' resolves into an IP-4 address. Pinging the first one fails, the second one succeeds.

So maybe the provider does not support IP-6...
(It is a weird provider after all, they send the data through the old TV coax cable)

Do you even have an external IPv4 address? ( )

I hope you don't mind if I take a shot in the dark, but this issue sounds extremely familiar to me. 
Afaik, you live in Germany and use provider with a coax-cable based network. This is probably Vodafone (earlier KabelDeutschland). One of my friends had a contract with them and was using the basic (free) router. 
He was also unable to get connected to some specific servers and/or use specific network protocols. (I think he couldn't ping some servers and wasn't able to use a Minecraft server)
As it turned out, his provider wouldn't give him full IPv4 access to the internet. And the router that was included in the contract was a really weird thing. It didn't even come with WiFi support in first place. He had to pay an extra fee to get WiFi enabled on this router.
What he did was to call his provider and kindly asked them to set free full IPv4 support. And surprisingly, they did. For free. I was pretty surprised that a support person even knew what was going on. Seemingly this thing happened more often.
He also bought a FritzBox as his new router. It has way more options to configure. Since Aug 1, 2016 every provider has to allow you to use any privately bought router here in Germany. The FritzBoxes 6490/6590 come with cable support and use the newest firmware.

Obviously, I'm absolutely not sure if this fits your problem. But since it looks pretty much like an issue with your provider, I think there's a chance my shot in the dark could be a hit.

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