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Compressed HDD image seems to be messed up
Here's what I did:
  • Created one single image file of an old HDD with multiple NTFS-Partitions using ddrescue. The HDD used to have 20 GB of storage with about 15 GB being used.
  • Compressed the previously created image file using 7z. The 20 GB image file was compressed to about 200 MB (High compression if I think about it). 7z returned no errors. (It also renamed the archive from *.7z.tmp to *.7z, which makes me think it was being successful.)
  • Stored the 7z archive with the HDD image in it to a safe place.
I usually backup my data by making an image and then compressing it. This method has never caused me any trouble.

Later, when I wanted to use the HDD image again, I actually did run into trouble:
  • Decompressed the 7z archive. It returned no errors and re-created my 20 GB image file.
  • I could write the image file to an USB stick without problems.
  • The USB stick now shows me one single unknown partition and it's impossible to mount it. That's where I struggle. Same problem occurs when writing the image to an SD card, external HDD or trying to mount it as loop devices.
I already tried recovering the data but wasn't really successful:
  • Testdisk isn't able to find/recover any partitions on the newly created USB device.
  • Photorec actually recovered few of the files that originally used to be stored on the HDD, but that's only a small fraction of the whole storage.
Even tough the original HDD was a windows-drive, I'm only using debian-based Linux for handling my backups.
It would be cool if anyone knew a solution to get the HDD data back, but my first priority in this post is to find out what I possibly could have done wrong. 

Btw: EzeeLinux is cool.

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