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Your Thoughts On Microsofts Visual Studio Code For Linux
I see where your coming from, I went from Brackets to Atom to VSC. My own thoughts, I use VSC because its often used by professionals and it worked very well and there are times when you need to be able to be part of a group and its hard enough being 'that guy' sometimes using Linux.

However I also constantly use KWrite or Kate (I flip between the two for some reason). I find them very powerful for switching between bash scripts and JSON etc, or even just a quick bit of Markup or even just text!

The bottom line is I can't just use a tool because its what's 'expected' of me because I'm a foss/Linux user but because its the best tool I can get my hands on, though I do try to balance it out if I can.

If VSC disappeared I'd switch back to Atom or Brackets etc, Im not beholden to VSC like one might be with other MS products.

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