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Your Thoughts On Microsofts Visual Studio Code For Linux
(09-01-2018, 05:52 PM)leon.p Wrote: Even if I had nothing against using applications by microsoft, I would still not use it, since it is basically yet another IDE.
I prefer extendable text editors over IDEs.

That's probably fine for you, but I don't know how to programme, and big IDE systems teach you a lot faster.  Using Linux Bash, I have already seen that it is going to be a steep curve to figure things out, especially as I would like to create some GUI adaptions/interfaces & their are seemingly very few tutorials on this GUI to BASH programming method with GLADE.

I don't even know if GLADE 3.2.2 is compatible with my Tara Linux Mint Mate version as it says GNOME on Glade 3.2.2.

Linux distros & compatible file issues are unknown to me, such as gedit being GNOME also. And it didn't work with redshift alterations, but did operate in saving and typing etc, just didn't work.  MVS-CE just works, & if I get a cheap netbook or similar that's powerful enough for it, I might just use it for programming in C# and creating forms etc, as I haven't learnt thesae things and i'm getting too old to be learning the flaws of the Linux distros etc.  May be an idea for me to check out True OS, at least it's one distro, maybe it's rubbish, don't know.

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