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Your Thoughts On Microsofts Visual Studio Code For Linux
I hate Anything Microsoft! And this has been My long standing position.
I stopped trusting Microsoft at 8.1 and 10 is CLEARLY Spyware/Malware!
That said,

I can not find fault in Visual Studio Code.
In fact, I like it. It REALLY hurts to say that, but it is true.

It is under the MIT license. which basically says in two paragraphs,
that it is free to do with as you will, and to give credit where credit is due.

Yet I still do not trust it.
For Two months now I have been going over the code to try to find a bomb shell.
But nothing, I have not found anything bad. Some script that is kinda dumb, but its functional.
Honestly, this is a fantastic app.

It is like they took all the best parts from Atom, Sublime, And Geany and put it all together.

It is still not in the repo's, and I couldn't find a PPA for it. So the install was from a deb file download.
I had no issues with the install, other than the turmoil in my head.

I feel torn. what are your thoughts on this? Is anyone else using it? If so, How is it working for you?

      My position still stands, but maybe with a slight amount of flexibility. On open source projects anyway.
A computer without Microsoft is like a piece of chocolate cake without ketchup and mustard.

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