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Finally Converted! Thanks Joe.
I just wanted to shout out my personal thanks to Joe Collins.

I must have watched nearly every YT-Video during the first half of 2020. What with Covid-19 I have had plenty of time!  Anyway, 6-months on I have shrugged off the shackle that is Microsoft & Windows! It has taken a few mis-steps but after 6+ months, I have got all bar one PC in the house converted, the last Windows PC kept for gaming.

I started years ago with Mint 10 but never got on with it, so this year I installed Mint 19.3 at first and then tried Ubuntu. Ubuntu is not my cup of tea as I believe that Canonical wishes itself to be Apple/Microsoft and lock people in. (I won't get into an argument over this, it's just a personal feeling). So back to Mint and now LMDE 4.  It suits me, although I chose the Debian version because I baulk at Ubuntu stuff.

Anyway, my daily driver is now Linux LMDE 4 and the Windows 10 PC is rarely booted more than once per week.

RESULT - although still a new noobie, of course.

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