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[SOLVED] Ubuntu Server for Raspberry Pi HDMI Problem
1. The first boot with another HDMI cable things were fine. I switched HDMI cables to the one I was using after that, and once again, things looked fine. All boots afterward had the same result I had before.

2. Putting hdmi_drive=2 in config.txt didn't work.

3. It is a off brand, but it worked before on Ubuntu MATE 18.04 before it stopped being able to boot.

EDIT: Tried it again with 2 other power supplies, a phone charger and another power supply that powers another pi running a home file share. Neither of which are the official power supply, but both do their job. Neither of those fixed the issue.

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RE: Ubuntu Server for Raspberry Pi HDMI Problem - by Jeremiah - 05-22-2020, 03:36 PM

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