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problem installing obmenu-generator in Arch (SOLVED)
I got the package from AUR. When I run makepkg to compile it, it tells me it needs two dependencies.
  • perl-data-dump -- which I installed from the Arch repository
  • perl-linux-desktopfiles>=0.25 -- which I got from the Arch AUR repository
I ran makepkg to compile it. It did it successfully.
But when I go back and run makepkg in the obmenu-generator directory, it tells me I am still missing perl-linux-desktopfiles.
I don't know how to install perl-linux-desktopfiles. I can't tell where to look for the program file so I can run it, or even what kind of file it is.

Here is a screenshot of my perl-linux-desktopfiles directory, which is a sub-directory of the obmenu-generator directory, taken after I ran makepkg in this directory.

[Image: linux-desktopfiles.png]


EDIT: After all else fails, read the instructions, right. I looked up the pacman wiki.

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problem installing obmenu-generator in Arch (SOLVED) - by Richard - 10-20-2019, 05:08 PM

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