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My love for the Budgie Desktop

So I've been playing with Arch Linux for months in a VM (under Windows), and I have managed to move my system to a bootable USB drive, which I used to troubleshoot possible hardware problems. For all this, I've been using the Budgie DE (courtesy of the Solus team), and I really love the experience. I have finally wiped Windows and installed Arch on my desktop two weeks ago, and although the Budgie in the official repos broke after the Gnome 3.34 update, thanks to the Arch archive I could roll back the versions and then just install Budgie from the AUR based on the Solus team's code, which keeps up with Gnome.
So, even though I had my share of issues, I love the whole thing, I have learned a lot (I browse the Arch Wiki and the Forums in my free time lol), and now that I've been using my system for two weeks and I have set it up to my liking, I wanted to show off a few screenshots.

[Image: Screenshot-from-2019-09-26-22-58-53.png]

[Image: Screenshot-from-2019-09-26-23-01-47.png]
My top 10 reasons to still use Arch after 2 months on my main PC at home.

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