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VBox for Linux
I've been using Virtual box for years with Windoze 7 as the Host and Linux (any Distro) as the Guest...these days it's the other way around and much safer too.  Smile  I have noticed some Linux Distros don't run that well in Virtualbox...Linux Mint 19 and MX Linux are two that I had trouble with. Sad

I have Mint Cinnamon 19.1 as the Host and Windoze 7 as the Guest...I have an i5 quad core CPU and 16GB of I give my  Windoze 7 Virtual Machine 2 cores and 6GB of Ram.

The Virtual Machine isn't connected to the Net...if I want to use it on the Net...I'll create a Clone and use this way should I get a Virus or hacked...I just delete the Clone and create another one...take about 10 mins...I don't have to Re-install the VM from scratch.  Big Grin [Image: t2026.gif]
Linux Forever...Windoze Never       [Image: t12701.gif]

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