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Laptop Closed Lid Suspend vs Shutdown

I was hoping to find some help with my Linux issue.

I'm quasi newish so please be kind.

I have an ASUS laptop model e203ma with 4gb of ram. It's essentially a netbook.

So when I close the lid on the lap with(out) programs running (chrome etc...), it will cause the system to shut down instead of going into suspend mode. It didn't start out this way as it worked for about 2 weeks after installing three various distros. I've had this issue develop in mxlinux, Pop_OS!, and finally zorinOS15 (current install). I had at first thought it was just a weird issue with that distro and wasn't sure what flavor I wanted to stay with so I just jumped to another. With the problem having followed me across the third distro/install its made me wonder if its hardware related... but how can that be true of all three distros didn't display this issue until after a couple of weeks of use....???

So can anyone help me out? Do I jump to another distro? Do I accept that I'm cursed? Do I not go onto Dancing with the Stars and ask the judges for help?

Yes, I've checked the power settings on the last two installed distros.

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Laptop Closed Lid Suspend vs Shutdown - by GNUoob - 09-22-2019, 05:46 AM

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