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Ubuntu without GUI
The easiest way to do this is to use Debian, as all Ubuntu flavors come with too much preinstalled stuff, and the server version of ubuntu is kind of meh and takes a long time to setup compared to Debian. Also, it requires an internet connection, whereas you can get full DVD images for debian which allow you not only to install the OS, but software offline as well.

I've also had a fascination with living in the terminal for everyday use, and have done so to a limited degree with my raspberry pi's. One great advantage is that your hardware basically doesn't matter.

w3m is great for web browsing.

mpsyt works great for browsing youtube (be sure to install the latest version via pip) -- also be sure to configure it to 

search more than just music videos, which is its default.

I prefer screen to tmux.

Vim is always my go to text editor, but if you want something simpler and better than nano, check out "micro"

I've had problems with wicd breaking my networking. It deletes a link file that breaks connectivity. I suggest learning the low level commands for connecting to wifi networks, or just using an ethernet connection. The former is a bit difficult at first and there are a lot of not so good tutorials and different ways of doing it.

Learn to mount usb drives and the like if you haven't already. It's quite easy.

alsamixer works well for audio.

Hmm... am I missing anything else?

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