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Timeshift SD approaching "Full" ...
(09-05-2019, 10:29 AM)TarsolyGer Wrote:
(09-04-2019, 09:39 PM)TheGreyStrummer Wrote: My current snapshot schedules/levels are  ..... "Keep" ... 2 Monthly ... 3 Weekly ... 5 Daily. Could all these be reduced to one? 

Thanks ...  Wink


I think keeping 2 monthly backups is reasonable (it can even be important), having 3 weekly can be too much, especially if you have to optimize for space, as the 3rd weekly one will be only 1-2 weeks away from the 1st monthly one, so in my estimation, that can be reduced to 2 weekly. For the dailies, I would think 3 should be sufficient, I mean, if you suddenly have a problem with an update, you go back to the first daily backup of yesterday. It is possible, that you don't realize that there's a problem with an update as you haven't used the software that got borked, in that case, you maybe go back 2-3 days, but in my opinion, going back 4 days or a week makes no big difference, as in, you probably don't update your system every day anyways.
So if you need to optimize for space, I'd go with 2 monthly, 2 weekly and 3 daily.

Thanks for the advice guys ... much appreciated. ;-)
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