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Making Linux more user friendly (1)
I wanted to share my thoughts as an ex-windows user about things (in my opinion) needs to be improved in Linux.
Today I installed Ubuntu Budgie in my Asus laptop to see how it is (I had Mint previously).
I tried turn on the screensaver.
I checked every possible "areas" on the menu and couldn't find.
Therefore I installed xscreensaver using the Synaptic. This was after making a research on web and realizing that xscreensaver was the best and (maybe?) my only option.
When I started the application I found an option that I like and selected. And this was from a long list of screensavers that for many of the items I got "Not installed" note. How those can be installed, I don't have a clue. But anyway, I found something nice.
Than I realized that there is no "OK" button. Meaning that probably that when I close the window the screensaver will be selected and activated. I hope...
I clicked the "File" option in the top menu. There was 2 options: 1) Start deamon 2) Kill deamon.
And now, say, my kids or my mum tries to use this software...What they need to understand from those options?
What it means for a normal person "Start or Kill deamon"?
They could't give a little more "normal" description?
Those are little things that add technicalities for novice my opinion.

PS. BTW Ubuntu Budgie is really nice!

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Making Linux more user friendly (1) - by King_Solomon - 08-31-2019, 05:12 PM

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