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I love Linux
I started to use Ubuntu around 2 years ago just for curiosity. I heard about it but never checked what really it was.
I tried to install it on my old little HP laptop.
And everything went well without glitches. I hear a lot on web people struggling with issues on installations and never understand why. I installed until now to my other computers at home Linux (Ubuntu and Mint) and never had real problems. I just install with standard options without messing around with special/advanced options. Just click "continue"...OK...OK...OK...done. Everything works fine.
I found in Linux more than a new (for me at least) kind of operating system and I am not a computer scientist. If realized, entered, encountered the world FOSS which was new for me.
I find this notion of FOSS beautiful. For me it is the first reason why I use Linux. I think it is some kind of altruism that is rare in our world. To open and share your hard work with others...? Normally nobody wants to give/share freely other people things...
And in fact I am even a little afraid that Linux expands (maybe strange) because if so, more egoistic (bad intentions) forces will be blended (such as money interests, corporations etc). I don't care personally that the community is not huge...
I love the fact that sometimes I need to struggle with technical things, searching reasons, clicking commands (that I don't understand), finding really caring people who help you in forums.
Every time I see answers with crazy commands, I tell (and laugh) myself "How the hell this guy knows these commands!!". I just remember a few simple commands: sudo, ls, cd, ...Many times I don't even understand the questions (of others). For example: "how-to-rebuild-the-dockerfile-for-kubernetes-dashboard" (from Ask Ubuntu). What the hell is "dockerfile", what is "kubernetes", what is "dashboard" and what is "to rebuild"?! I really love this community...They know every damn question!
In Windows, for every question you get the same answer: install updates, reboot, etc. nothing works and no answers.
That said, I have critics about things. As a standard (previously Windows) user I found very difficult to understand installations and updates. I struggled a lot with these.
Say today, I wanted to add to some picture an arrow. In Windows Paint I can do it quickly. It is the most simple and useful software that I use. Here I opened Gimp and tried to find where was the draw an arrow button? I couldn't find it. There are billions of buttons and options but I couldn't see this simple option.
Anyway...I really love Linux...

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