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Convincing Friends/Relatives To Use GNU/Linux
Yes, i think there is probably a lot of people running into the same kind of problems: in slidly more than a mounth, two windows updates messing with the system (printer and internet the first time and printer only the second) so i guess it should be many people tired having windows problems.

As far as my short linux exirience goes, i think LM it is realy newbie friendly so i have no problem advising people with realy tiny computer expirience trying linux mint. Also cinamon desktop looks realy familiar for someone who's used to windows. But my point is: people doing the LTS distros are doing an amaizing job and delivering working material. Working and simple, mutch simpler than windows to be honest.

About the disk, it is a 320 Go hard drive, we'll maybe fine with it, but i will keep an eye on the disk space anyway. Thank you @cleverwise for the advice

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