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Vista Fonts in Libreoffice
(08-13-2019, 03:47 PM)rick forges Wrote: Installing MS Fonts as per 'Chris Titus Tech' video recommended by Tom at STL.
Got the MS fonts installed fine , but not the Vista fonts.

This  doesn't seem to install in Mint Cinn. 19.2 in terminal . What am I missing ?
wget qO | bash
I get this error:
There is no .fonts directory in your home.
Is fontconfig set up for privately installed fonts?
where is the  fontconfig  ? and is the "privately installed fonts"
           in libreoffice or in the system settings ?

There is another way to get the fonts. Just do an online search for "PowerPointViewer.exe" and download it. Double-LEFT-Click the file and it should open up in your archive-manager app. Inside you will see an archive file called "". The fonts you want are all inside this archive and can be extracted to the .fonts folder in your home folder. Doing it the way shown by the Chris Titus Tech video, just drops the fonts inside the .fonts folder. I prefer to put them in a separate folder called "Vista Fonts" inside that folder just to keep things tidy and separate from any other fonts I may install in the future, but that is of course optional. When done extacting the fonts, I suggest keeping the "PowerPointViewer.exe" file for future use. I hope that helps.  Cool
P.S. There are a lot of other files inside the "" file. The fonts all have a ".ttf" extension at the end. Those are the ones you want, and the rest can be ignored.

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