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XFCE - how to slow down windows?
Hi.  I'm looking at Mint 19.2 XFCE and the same issue I've noticed in 19.1 is there.  The default in XFCE, at least running it off the USB drive to try it out, seems to be that opening, closing, or minimizing a window happens instantly.  No transition, not even a lightning fast animation, just bam.  That's too sudden and jarring for me.  And not necessary for being lightweight - even the first Mac in 1984 with far far less resources showed a quick, minimal animation of a shrinking or growing outline.  I don't need a fancy "genie effect" that distorts the window (let alone live video) as it shrinks to the panel or dock or the like, but I'd like a to-scale shrink down or growth which seems to be the default in most other desktop environments, or at the very least a wireframe outline of the window like way back in the first Mac GUI.

XFCE is supposed to be simpler and easier but there doesn't seem to be a simple, straightforward way of enabling this.  I see that Compiz is built in but nothing clearly enables this option, it's  just too complicated and even tries to scare you off with warnings that it's only for experts. What can I do to just get a normal, not-startling, expanding or shrinking effect in a window at a normal speed?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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