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Good Day all,

Has anyone found a decent GUI for using PGP from the desktop? When I was using windows I had Keopatra which worked pretty well. I use pgp for certainly emails and need a fast way to decode. Any suggestions would be massively appreciated! 

Seahorse is a GUI for GnuPG. I've mostly only used its plugin seahorse-nautilus to add/use an encrypt file option with right-click in Nautilus on Ubuntu 16.04, and continued to use the terminal for anything else, but you should be able to manage PGP and SSH keys with the GUI.

For anyone else who might try the Nautilus plugin, it had a weird feature that continues to let you access a newly encrypted file without re-entering its password for a given desktop session, presumably for convenience of quick editing/access from the password holder. But what if you step away without logging out after newly encrypting a file? So immediately after I encrypt a file, I open a terminal and use:

echo RELOADAGENT | gpg-connect-agent

Now the file will immediately require the password to decrypt/open.

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