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upgraded Ubuntu from 18.04 to 19.04, now desktop is not working!!
I have got a notif to upgrade Ubuntu from 18.04 to 19.04, after several minutes of the upgrading software doing its job, I was prompted to reboot my laptop which I did, them the Ubuntu desktop wasn't working, I was prompted to login and I entered my password then the desktop loads up and now I cannot launch anything or click on anything, even left mouse click, menu drop nothing, I switched to ttty5 and run apt updates, nothing was out of date, I also did do-release-upgrade which was loaded with upgrades, then afterwards I did a reboot to only face the same problem, I then switched back again to ctrl+alt+F1 and purged gnome packages by doing apt purge gnome* and then doing apt install gnome and that did not do anything so I suspected the gnome-tweaks tool was out of date because I was using some of the extension, I deleted the package and rebooted, nothing happened, I even logged in Gnome Desktop instead to Ubuntu Desktop in the login screen and it was having the same problem.
What should I do, i do not want to reinstall ubuntu again...
How did you upgrade?

Did you upgrade using the update mgr or did you use the command line?

Before you can upgrade to 19.04 you first have to upgrade to 18.10.
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If you end up having to re-install Ubuntu, know that your files are safe because you can still access them when you boot into a Live Session on an installation medium. During that time you can save them to a separate USB drive or another medium.

Edit: It will usually be mounted to /target, but you can also mount it to /media/ubuntu as well, which is where I think it's mounted by default if it's not the installer that mounts it.

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