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Duo Boot Ubuntu and Kali Linux
well this is how much the VB has automatically suggested as a safe (green) option.
And to be honest now, it turned out that it is working surprisingly well and fast.
Also, I found out that choosing the Fixed size for the hard disk made a massive improvement for the performance in both host and virtual machine. With the Dynamic size, I had freezes quite often and I noticed some weird memory swappines (although it might have nothing do, I'm not sure) but since I reinstall the virtual machine and chose fixed size over dynamic size it is all good now.
if you like Kali Linux go for it i have been using Backtrack/kali for nearly 10 years as my daily os and never had a problem out of it , most all very stable, i also use Ubuntu on one of my laptops, VB to me is just an bitter irritation but everyone to his own choice. if you want both on one machine you may want to look at Katoolin, it lets you load all Kali tools on Ubuntu. but i only run one OS on each laptop of my own.

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