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"Training Wheels" John Hammond - Github?
Hello, I saw a video of Training Wheels-Shell and was wondering if anyone had this command line/bash aid, is it any help, & what is the simply explained way of installing it, as it seems awkward?

As colorama for python is necessary apparently too.

Any help appreciated, as there doesn't seem to be much to go on with a set of lessons that are useful in BASH. People's tutorials seem to be all over the place and not very organised and I would seemingly have to search for the correct titles to find the next video they didn't link in order etc. Some people can program, but they're youtube channels are messy to find things Smile

Something like an ordered lesson channel if anyone knows one? Like "arrays, enums, if, while" etc etc. Thanks. Training wheels looks useful but iv'e never used github/repositories/ so don't have a clue what to install and why...
I came across this video playlist a little while ago. I have been watching them, learning, and working on my Linux computer that I am building.

There is something like 73 videos in the series. But it breaks everything down.

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