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Ubuntu touch on Galaxy Tab
I just bought a used Samsung Galaxy Tab E-T-560NV.I would like to run some form of Linux on it such as Ubuntu,or any other distro that is known to perform well on that hardware.I don't know if it is even possible on that particular tablet.I tried one Youtubers version of rooting and installing,but couldn't even figrue out how to root it.Maybe I'm aver my head here,as I know zero about tablets.I just want a familiar OS(Ubuntu) and also want to get rid of the crapware.So far I cant even find my google bookmark bar on the android OS.Help.......BTW,it is a WiFi only tablet,not sure how old.
As a rule of thumb, if a device used to run android, there is no chance of you being able to install anything but android on it.

Either "Core" or "Community", there are no Samsung devices listed.
Oh,well.Guess I can use it to play tunes in the garage.Save me getting sawdust on the laptop keyboard.

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