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workspace switcher in panel manual config colors? (Xubuntu)
I've looked around for this online, but haven't had success. 

I'm using the Xfce DE. Does anyone know how to change the colors of the Workspace Switcher item in the panel, manually, perhaps with editing a config file, or using Gimp to edit a png file? Reason is, the little squares are just too dark for me. (But I'd like to keep my current theme). I think the solution lies in the /usr/share/themes/ folder...

I'm using Xubuntu 18.04. My current theme is Arc.
Hey cologneguy,

Not sure where the config files are for the switcher and other panel applets, but this is what had worked for me in the past. Instead of changing the color of the applet I just change the panel from using the default scheme to me choosing a color for it. I then adjust the panel color to be slightly off from the normal color scheme to be pleasing to me so I can tell where one ends and the other begins on the panel.

I hope this helps.

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