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  Golf game
Posted by: deck_luck - 08-31-2019, 03:14 AM - Forum: Gaming On Linux - Replies (1)

Well if you do not count playing poker on PokerStars I have not gamed since running Links on a Wintel platform a very long time ago.    I really enjoyed that game.  I would be interested in a golf game for Linux.  Has anyone found one similar to Links?

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  Shutdown Problem
Posted by: John Swisher - 08-31-2019, 02:14 AM - Forum: Ubuntu - Replies (27)

I try to shutdown Ubuntu Mate 18.04.3 and it is locking up on the 2 second dot on the shutdown screen.
PC is 
Lenovo B570
B950 Pentium
240GB Crucial BX500
Most Current Bios

I must do a hard shutdown, to power off. Any ideas?

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  Woohoo! Up and running
Posted by: John Swisher - 08-31-2019, 12:33 AM - Forum: EzeeLinux Community Commons - Replies (7)

It took less than 5 minutes to load Ubuntu Mate 18.04 LTS on my Laptop (10 year old I may add). It is screaming. Thanks everyone for the help and encouragement. Now start to learn a new operating system Smile

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Posted by: TenMM - 08-30-2019, 02:47 PM - Forum: Linux Tips & Tricks - No Replies

Has anyone tried using Nitroshare on Mint and Android phone? I can't get the phone to see anything on my network.

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  I love Linux
Posted by: King_Solomon - 08-30-2019, 09:46 AM - Forum: EzeeLinux Community Commons - Replies (7)

I started to use Ubuntu around 2 years ago just for curiosity. I heard about it but never checked what really it was.
I tried to install it on my old little HP laptop.
And everything went well without glitches. I hear a lot on web people struggling with issues on installations and never understand why. I installed until now to my other computers at home Linux (Ubuntu and Mint) and never had real problems. I just install with standard options without messing around with special/advanced options. Just click "continue"...OK...OK...OK...done. Everything works fine.
I found in Linux more than a new (for me at least) kind of operating system and I am not a computer scientist. If realized, entered, encountered the world FOSS which was new for me.
I find this notion of FOSS beautiful. For me it is the first reason why I use Linux. I think it is some kind of altruism that is rare in our world. To open and share your hard work with others...? Normally nobody wants to give/share freely other people things...
And in fact I am even a little afraid that Linux expands (maybe strange) because if so, more egoistic (bad intentions) forces will be blended (such as money interests, corporations etc). I don't care personally that the community is not huge...
I love the fact that sometimes I need to struggle with technical things, searching reasons, clicking commands (that I don't understand), finding really caring people who help you in forums.
Every time I see answers with crazy commands, I tell (and laugh) myself "How the hell this guy knows these commands!!". I just remember a few simple commands: sudo, ls, cd, ...Many times I don't even understand the questions (of others). For example: "how-to-rebuild-the-dockerfile-for-kubernetes-dashboard" (from Ask Ubuntu). What the hell is "dockerfile", what is "kubernetes", what is "dashboard" and what is "to rebuild"?! I really love this community...They know every damn question!
In Windows, for every question you get the same answer: install updates, reboot, etc. nothing works and no answers.
That said, I have critics about things. As a standard (previously Windows) user I found very difficult to understand installations and updates. I struggled a lot with these.
Say today, I wanted to add to some picture an arrow. In Windows Paint I can do it quickly. It is the most simple and useful software that I use. Here I opened Gimp and tried to find where was the draw an arrow button? I couldn't find it. There are billions of buttons and options but I couldn't see this simple option.
Anyway...I really love Linux...

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  Icons with different sizes
Posted by: King_Solomon - 08-30-2019, 08:53 AM - Forum: Mint - Replies (1)

I have the Battery Status and Volume Information buttons with big size (not he same size as others). See picture attached.
.png   problem.png (Size: 33.28 KB / Downloads: 11)
Anyone have the same problem?

This is my system information:
System:    Host: shlomo-S301LP Kernel: 4.15.0-58-generic x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 7.4.0
           Desktop: Xfce 4.12.3 tk: Gtk 2.24.31 wm: xfwm4 dm: LightDM Distro: Linux Mint 19.2 Tina
           base: Ubuntu 18.04 bionic
Machine:   Type: Laptop System: ASUSTeK product: S301LP v: 1.0 serial: <filter>
           Mobo: ASUSTeK model: S301LP v: 1.0 serial: <filter> UEFI: American Megatrends
           v: S301LP.212 date: 06/16/2014

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  New website with good info
Posted by: spudnuts - 08-30-2019, 06:13 AM - Forum: Linux Tips & Tricks - No Replies

I was looking for info on some servers and came across this site it has good info that is well layed out on multiple linux topics.


It asks you to turn off adblockers and I did so, it did not have a bunch of intrusive ads.

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  [Solved] Transfer Thunderbird to new machine
Posted by: Cymri - 08-30-2019, 03:02 AM - Forum: Linux Tips & Tricks - Replies (3)

(Solved)... Joe mentioned in one of his videos how to copy a file from your existing Thunderbird and paste it into a new machine to get Thunderbird configured the same, but I can't find that video now. Can someone give me the name of the vid , or a link to it, please? Or just tell me how to transfer my old profile/settings to a new machine?  Thanks.

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  Noob Release Question
Posted by: John Swisher - 08-29-2019, 09:21 PM - Forum: EzeeLinux Community Commons - Replies (2)

After researching distributions, I have decided to use Ubuntu Mate. My question is would it be better to use 18.04.3 or 19.04?  
Lenovo B570, B950 Pentium (2.1ghz, 2c/2t), 8gb DDR3L 1600(2x4), 250gb SSD.

It will be a stand alone system as I have my W10 on a separate machine. Any and all comments, suggestions, tips and tricks will be appreciated.  Decades ago used RedHat before I got Windosed with 3.1/11 through w10 19.03. So basically starting fresh.

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  HP Envy dual boot
Posted by: TenMM - 08-29-2019, 07:51 PM - Forum: Mint - Replies (2)

I added Linux Mint 19.2 to my HP ENVY running windows 10 laptop. I have to hit the escape at startup to get into the boot loader so I can choose Linux Mint. This is the first time I have ever had to do this, my last HP laptop I loaded Ubuntu on it and the boot loader came up on it's own and it was running windows 10 as well. What did I do wrong? Before I get flak, I have to use windows for my employment, but I love Linux.

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