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  Matt Hartley
Posted by: bescott9944 - Yesterday, 02:54 AM - Forum: EzeeLinux Community Commons - No Replies

I realized the other day that I have not seen anything of Matt Hartley lately.
I check his Youtube and it has been 2 months since his last post. I check his web site and nothing new there either...

I know that our leader here works with him from time to time. So I thought I would ask here...
Thinking I might have missed something somewhere, I hope he is ok! ?

I hope someone has some good news about Matt....


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Posted by: Robert lackey - 06-25-2019, 04:42 AM - Forum: Mint - Replies (6)

This is my first post , please excuse my questions if thay are common knowledge , I run a small business in Guatemala , and a part of my buisness is time critical , and microsoft updates are destroying my buisness . I would like to build a computer from some parts that I have already , adding whatever I don't have  . The computer must work in Spanish , English and Russian , run Qcad + Gcode editor , and it must run my OKI C711 printer . I have seen the video where Mr.  Collins says Printers are cheap , just get a HP , in my case this printer is not cheap . and with shipping to Guatemala is is really not cheap ! so my question is does anyone have any experince with this printer on linux ( I have down loaded mint 19.1 and done the Integrety check , but I still have not figured out the authenticity check ) . Thank you in Advance . Sincerely , Robert Lackey

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  How to Play a Login Sound in Ubuntu 16.04
Posted by: Eurus - 06-25-2019, 03:33 AM - Forum: Linux Tips & Tricks - Replies (8)

User "Johnnylarry" posted about this topic earlier in this section, but I couldn't get his link to work.

But with a quick search, I found a simple tutorial and had some fun creating a login sound greeting for Ubuntu 16.04.

Here is the tutorial. It only requires one command in the Startup Applications utility! It couldn't be easier:


Follow step 3 to play any .ogg, .oga, or .wav file after login.

I used a text-to-speech web app to create a few fun login greetings. The text-to-speech app saved the files as mp3s and was a little slow creating files at times, but I liked the voice quality, and I just converted the file to .wav to work with the tutorial.

Here's a link to the text-to-speech web app I used, if anyone cares. I'm sure there are better ones:


For anyone as dorky as I am, it would be fun to play around with some of the freely available LCARS sound files for login greetings/sound effects, or any other number of pop culture nonsense: "Shall we play a game?"

And for anyone feeling more mischievous than I, it would make for a pretty fun prank, too.

I'd attach one of the shorter .wav files I made, but they're not permitted attachments on here. All it said — in a British female accent — after login was:

"Authorization verified. Access granted. Please commence computing at your leisure. Remember to tip your administrator."

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Posted by: EzeeLinux - 06-24-2019, 04:41 PM - Forum: EzeeLinux Community Commons - Replies (6)

Summer is slack time for Linux development which means the ever click hungry Linux community press tends to jump on anything that even resembles news. The latest frenzy involves Canonical’s desire to dump 32 bit packages. Never fear all you Steam and WINE fans, I’m sure it will all be settled by the time Ubuntu pushes out the next interim release in October. It does serve to illustrate how fatalistic the Linux pontification and prognostication pundits have become in recent months. For some reason, everyone seems to be just waiting for Ubuntu to just suddenly collapse in on itself or they think MS is going to take over and kill it. “Ubuntu cancels Linux Gaming” and “Steam will no longer support Ubuntu” are just a couple of the headlines I’ve seen. Neither is an official statement from anyone so cool out. 

It’s not just media and blogger types who run around saying the sky is falling; I get comments all the time that range from the amusing to the absurd and sometimes they are quite weird. One fellow posted a rather convoluted comment insisting that Linux Mint was being covertly taken over by Microsoft. When I pressed him for some sort of proof, he stated it was obvious because LM had the largest variety of drivers and worked so well that it MUST be supported by MS. When I countered that the entire LM project was on GiHub and anyone could look at what they’re doing, he responded by saying I was in on the plot! 

The truth is actually a lot more positive and maybe just a bit boring. The headlines should read: “Desktop Linux’s userbase is growing steadily and the trend is expatiated to continue” Ho-hum. The thing is, that’s good and we don’t hear it enough. For every edge-case problem we hear about, there are thousands of happy users that are simply not effected at all. New folks are finding Linux to be a stable alternative to the declining world of both Mac and Windows. If you think Linux has problems, compare them to Windows and be thankful if you can honestly say you don’t have to deal with MS’s little bundle of malware disguised as a desktop operating system. It’s a mess.

Yes, Linux development is often chaotic, sometimes unsightly and it moves very fast. It’s carried out in the open and often times folks on the outside looking in find themselves thinking that the whole shooting match is on the Eve of Destruction. No, it just seems that way. Always keep in mind that Linux is a community, not a product and that entities like Canonical, Valve, IBM and even giants like Google and Microsoft don’t have final say over what direction it grows in. There is no PR office filtering what happens within Linux and putting a happy spin on it. Nope. What you see is what you get. 

People very often say that Linux is unstable or breaks all the time. I just giggle when I see the same stupid myths repeated ad nauseam. I know that Linux is actually super stable these days and there’s always a way to transition from one incarnation to another without breaking anything. The developers are simply awesome at it so give them a chance and be assured you’re workflow will be respected.  

It’s fun to read tabloid trash. Just don’t take it too seriously.... Keep that in mind when those crazy click-bait video titles and headlines pop up on your screen. You’re going to enjoy your Linux Journey a lot more if you look at them as a bit of fun. Linux is fine, everything is chill… Enjoy your summer!

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  Test Distros in Browser. No downloads or Installations!
Posted by: Eurus - 06-23-2019, 04:48 AM - Forum: EzeeLinux Community Commons - Replies (2)

Hi, Folks!

I was watching a Linux YouTuber tonight and came across something cool! It's a website that lets you test a Linux distro from your browser without any downloads or installations! Apparently, it was just covered in Forbes, and the site is receiving so many visitors/users that it has crashed a couple of times and they are queuing users. That, and a few other technical issues are creating a lot of lag on the demos now. But if this shakes out, it could be a lot of fun!

I'm sure a lot of you might dismiss this because it's so easy to spin up a virtual machine, or run a live usb, especially with the lag the demo site has now, but I still think it's super cool. There are what look like hundreds of versions of unique Linux OSes to demo on the site. I'll definitely give it a try when the traffic slows down — if it ever does. And, yes, some newb from the Windows world will mistake the lag for the OS's performance and declare Linux unusable, but when have those same types of Windows users ever been reasonable.

Here is the site:  https://distrotest.net/

Here is where I first learned about it:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQaXL3a774o

Here is the Forbes article:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevange...08919450d9

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Wink How to stretch screen on smaller resolutions.
Posted by: nemanjadjinovic10 - 06-22-2019, 01:18 PM - Forum: Mint - Replies (2)

When i change resolution from 1366x768 to 1024x768, i see black bars. I don't like that so I want to change it to scale full screen, like in Windows Intel HD Graphics Control Center. 

Which commands I need to apply??

Graphics:  Card: Intel Device 5a85
          Display Server: x11 (X.Org 1.20.1 )
          drivers: modesetting (unloaded: fbdev,vesa)
          Resolution: 1366x768@60.00hz
          OpenGL: renderer: Mesa DRI Intel HD Graphics 500 (Broxton 2x6)
          version: 4.5 Mesa 18.2.8
[Image: wink.png]

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  Printer connection.
Posted by: Peter@casaoronetas.co.uk - 06-22-2019, 10:54 AM - Forum: Mint - Replies (4)


I have a Canon Pixma MP499/495  Scanner and Printer ,as I am New to Linux How do I wirelessly connect the Laptop PC (Lenovo) to the printer?

What is the Command line I need to write to get the Pc to connect the Printer to the PC so I can print my files?directorys. Help !  Huh

Peter Knowles, Norfolk U.K.

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  Anti-virus program needed?
Posted by: Expresso - 06-22-2019, 05:40 AM - Forum: Mint - Replies (8)

Hi guys/gals, I'm a new user of Mint, and was wondering if I need to install some kind of security on my system to foil any attempts to access my computer, and if so which programs would you recommend. Thanks in advance  Expresso.

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  Hello everyone
Posted by: mark lar - 06-21-2019, 08:21 AM - Forum: EzeeLinux Community Commons - Replies (2)

Hi everyone

I am new to your forum and i thought i would introduce myself. I am proud to say that after many years of procrastination i have finally decided to convert to Linux. I am not yet 100% converted as I use my Window$ computer for gaming and unfortunately most games are porndollz released for PC. I might consider buying a games console in the near future and completely xtreamporn ditch Window$ I have finally taken a deep dive by using Linux on my business and personal computers. I didn't think i would cope but i have never been happier Fortunately Linux has evolved over the years and I have successfully navigated my way around it. I have taken many a distro for a spin and i am content with MX linux for my work computer and Mint 18.3 XFCE for my personal day to day computer. I hope i am on the right forums to enhance my knowledge of Linux. 

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Posted by: dllonsdale54 - 06-20-2019, 11:23 PM - Forum: EzeeLinux Community Commons - Replies (1)

I'm in the process of doing all my homework on LinuI playx. I plan on switching to Linux from windows when I fully understand it! My question is I play alot of Computer sports games which I purchase from numerous companies on the net, will I be able to do so with Linux?

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