Forum Announcement: Enable Dark Theme (Updated) + Server Updates
This announcement covers two topics: updating the server and enabling the dark theme.

Updating the Server

From time-to-time the server software will be updated.  This will require a reboot.  Since this is a small project there are not a farm of servers.

Thus during the reboot the forum and site will go offline for around 15 to 30 seconds.  If you get an error message just be patient and try again in a minute or so.  The site WILL come back online.  Thank you.

FYI:  Yes I know how to build HA (multiple app, database, caching, etc servers) but the budget for EzeeLinux doesn't cover HA right now.

Also the MyBB software will need to be updated from time-to-time too.  This will result in a few moments of downtime.

Enable Dark Theme

The Ezeedark theme is based on the work by "DamianRath".  I thank this member for the contribution.

Note: The locations are based on desktop/laptop views and not mobile (smartphone/tablets)

1) Click on "User CP" link near top
2) Click on "Edit Options" link
3) On right column look for section "Other Options" and find "Board Style".
4) Click on drop down and select "--ezeedark" then click "Update Options" button.
5) Page will reload and into dark mode.